The Road Home Begins with Us...

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Real Estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California

Are you looking for your “happy place” in the Mountains?  Do you yearn for a quiet retreat from the fast pace of urban living?  Do you want to be surrounded by nature with fresh air, glorious views, the singing of birds & sounds of wind?  

Do you want more peace in your life? 

Since 1986, Donner Land & Homes has been helping people turn their dreams into a reality by finding that perfect home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  This area is a region of great biological diversity featuring redwood forests of incredible peaks and valleys, wildlife, an abundance of parks and protected open spaces, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing and is home to over 30 wineries…all within 90 minutes of San Francisco. 

If you can DREAM it, you can FIND it with us. 

Call us at at (408) 395-5754 or email us at