The Road Home Begins with Us...

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team. You have the uncanny ability of being able to find the right property for the right people. As you know every property in the Santa Cruz mountains has its own personality. You seem to be able to align with property with the right owner. I have purchase multiple properties from your team and I could not be happier. Your process was pain free and your patience and flexibly were exceptional. I have purchased other properties and it can be a nightmare. You waded through all the muck and made it an easy transaction.
I would recommend your team to anyone interested in purchasing a place in the Santa Cruz mountains. Thanks for all your support and putting up with me.

Joseph Siecinski

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for getting our land escrow closed. This escrow had just about every facet money, land loan, bank loan, buyer's in state, buyer's out of state, WOW what a handful. That being said you both had the stay power of champions, and MaryBeth you took the gold. This was a very difficult transaction to close and it took a long time but you never let the buyer's lose the love for our property and Debbie you kept us seller's in the loop at all times. Now we are going to have new neighbors and we will be so happy to get to know them better. We are already becoming good friends and we can't wait until they live next door full time. Thank you both again, you are very appreciated.

David and Wendy Peterson

I would highly recommend Debbie and Marvin for all your real estate needs. They helped me acquire my property a few years ago,  and have have been been a great source of support from her beginning untidy now, well after the purchase. Marvin is one of the most knowledgeable people that I've ever met when it comes to mountain living and has been a infinite source of help. Debbie works extra hard for clients and has more experience than anyone else when it comes to raw land in Santa Cruz. We are considering listing our property, and should we do so we'd have no qualms about using Donner Land & Homes again. They are great business people and amazing friends.

Amit Vachher-Gnanathurai

We have worked with both Debbie and MaryBeth for three land and property real estate transactions. We have been so happy with each transaction. No one knows ins and outs of land transactions like Donner Land. They help you every step of the way through either selling or buying property and give you the confidence to reach for your dreams. The personable attention you receive makes the process very smooth and the results have been outstanding, in any sort of market. We can't recommend Donner Land enough. I'm already dreaming of the next piece of land they will help me find. 

Shannon and Kevin Greene

Debbie did an excellent job walking me through the process of selling my property.  This started with understanding my needs and priorities.  Then she suggested some simple work be done to the property to make it easily viewable and more appealing.  Once on the market, she helped me review offers on the property.  Like most, the property took some time to sell and she was energetic, straight-forward and committed throughout the process.  And when the right offer came along, she was again very responsive to me and the ultimate buyer.  Phone calls and emails always received prompt, crisp responses.  Overall it was a very successful collaboration.  She really knows her stuff. 

Best regards,


Thanks for an enjoyable and informative afternoon of backwoods trekking.
Appreciated your good heart as well as all the time you gave.

Ajahn Chandako

Where did you find Rachel? She is such a pleasure to work with and she is easily one of your gems. I can tell you that we (Josie, Art, myself and the 2 kids) have only recently met her and she has turned out to be one of the best agents I have worked with. She looks out for our best interests, helps us navigate through the maze of reports and best of all, she is on top of the listing agent to help us close this deal on Eagle Rd. I am so, so glad you introduced us to Rachel. BTW, feel free to post this on your Kudos/recommendation page. 


I first made contact with you last October and my wife and I finally closed on our home in June. I am writing to thank you for teaming us up with Rachel Falk who made the entire nine month process the most enjoyable and worry free experience we could ever have hoped for. Since we were buying a home in Santa Cruz County from out of state, our availability to view and visit properties was limited. Because of this, it was critical we found an agent we could place our complete confidence and trust in, one who really understood our particular requirements, tastes and personalities. Rachel exceeded our expectations on all accounts and became our partner, emissary and friend along the way. Not only did she prove to be a tremendously skilled real-estate agent, she consistently stepped up to address any issue on our behalf that required a local presence and helped us navigate every detail, big and small. We are extremely grateful for her personal attention and dedication to us as clients, her sage advice, professionalism, keen eye, and above all the extraordinary effort she put into finding us the perfect home.

Michael and Karen Green

I wanted to take the time to write you a letter and thank you for the expertise and care you put into our first real estate purchase. My wife and I had no knowledge of what it took to buy a house and after the first couple of times I talked to you I felt like I had completed a real estate class. With our limited down payment I know it was a challenge to represent us; however, you did so and did it with such care and attention to detail it really made the difference getting the property we wanted .You did so by coaching us during the bidding process with your lifetime of experience. I would say to anybody considering their first purchase, or ANY real estate endeavor, Donner Land & Homes, Inc. is going to bring you a depth of local knowledge and the persistence to get you the property you want.

Dave and Lisa McGuire

We both very much appreciated your thoughtful and dedicated work. You were incredibly efficient and helpful throughout the whole process! You have helped to make our first home buying experience an enjoyable and successful experience. Thank you for shopping around for the septic tank. We know you dealt with a few surprises along the way. Best wishes and much thanks.

Kiva and Melisa

Our experience working with you was phenomenal. I always felt like I had a friend on my side, covering all the bases and looking out for my best interest, whether it was in your interest or not. It is a rare and beautiful thing to have found a person so authentic and genuine in any line of work. For perhaps the largest purchase of my life, I felt secure and confident having you stand beside me. Thank you for dedication, honesty, and knowledge. You will be the first person I call, or recommend, for any future real estate dealing!

Michelle Kuntzmann

My name is Joe Prather and I would like to start off by saying that Deborah and Marvin are great people and know what they are doing. They have represented me twice. Once in buying my property and then later down the road selling it. Both times I can honestly say they got me the best deal. These two are very professional and were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. If not available when I called them, they got back to me in a very timely manner. They were also willing to bend over backwards to do whatever is needed to get things done.

One big concern I had was people coming to view my property without being qualified buyers so my time wasn’t wasted. They were very diligent about making sure people that did come to view my property had the money or were pre-qualified for a loan. My property was listed on their personal real estate website and on the MLS to get the most coverage and viewing from prospective buyers. From all their hard work my property sold for full asking price. If I was going to recommend any of my family or friends to an agent I would send them to the Donner’s.

I personally would use them again myself.

Joe Prather

I first made contact with you last October and my wife and I finally closed on our home in June. I am writing tho thank you for teaming us up with Rachel Falk who made the entire nine month process the most enjoyable and worry free experience we could ever have hoped for. Since we were buying a home in Santa Cruz County from out of state, our availability to view and visit properties was limited. Because of this, it was critical we found an agent we could place our complete confidence and trust in, one who really understood our particular requirements, tastes and personalities. Rachel exceeded our expectations on all accounts and became our partner, emissary and friend along the way. Not only did she prove to be a tremendously skilled real-estate agent, she consistently stepped up to address any issue on our behalf that required a local presence and helped us navigate every detail, big and small. We are extremely grateful for her personal attention and dedication to us as clients, her sage advice, professionalism, keen eye, and above all the extraordinary effort she put into finding us the perfect home.


Michael and Karen Green

Hi, I am a both a client of Debbie Donner and she is a client of mine! First off, you should know that it starts with dreaming. Like many people, I had been browsing Debbie's website for years ( where I would look at photos of the properties she listed and dream about owning land. Then one day, after my husband and I sold the house we built in 2012, we found a listing on and fell in love with it. Debbie and her team were there to support us as we made our investigations into the property--Debbie helped keep the relationship between us and the seller going along smoothly while we went into an extended escrow because we wanted to do a winter water test. Debbie's staff made sure that all the proper documentation was in place so that the transaction occurred without a hitch. Land transactions are not easy things to broker, but it worked out in the end and we now have a stunning parcel of property that we hope to build our house on someday. Then came Part 2. I had mentioned to Debbie that I would like to tinker with her website (being of sound technical mind and body) and help her understand Google Analytics to see if she could improve on insights to her online business. While Debbie is not technical, she is curious and open-minded and that was the beginning of a now 2-year relationship where Debbie has continued to grow aspects of her business in order to make it strong and viable in our online world. She has now made it possible--through our work together--to keep her website strong and up to date and in control of her team rather than in the hands of someone else. She has also grown one of her staff members into an incredible photographer, and you can see this by the quality of the listing photos on the site. I've worked now more closely with all of her team and I can say without reservation that Debbie has a knack for putting together the right people for the right situation. AND, that she has a talent for cutting through the sticky details and getting to the point in a way that brings out the best in everyone, with respect for everyone. I'm really happy that I met Debbie in this way, and I know we'll have a relationship for a long time to come. It's so fun to see our dreams evolve.


Patricia Boswell

In reflecting on our lives, the world today and our move to the Santa Cruz Mountains, I have to stop to write this letter of thanks to you and to MaryBeth. Paul and I started with a vision of a happy, comfortable life in the mountains in a community of neighbors and friends. You helped us learn, navigated the terrain with us and guided us through the education needed to buy a mountain property and to become familiar with the local landscape. You introduced us to our dearest new friends and became our friends yourselves. Not too long after our move, you invited me into your business and now, looking back, I don’t know how it ever was otherwise. Donner Land & Homes has changed my life, our lives forever and for the better. You care, you know your line of work, each client is given personal care and seasoned guidance. Your people skills are off the charts and your team is equal to the best I have ever experienced on either end of a transaction or in any business relationship. In this world of mistrust and uncertainty one thing is for sure, Donner Land & Homes is a cornerstone of good people, good practices and good business. 

Thank you, thank you,

Rachel Falk and Paul Ralston

We wanted to express our sincerest thanks to Debbie and Bridgette. Debbie knew exactly what type of home we were looking for even after our first phone call and we didn't even tell her! She is that good at really "talking" to people, a lost art in today's business world. She didn't harass, nag or hold back anything from us. Debbie was forthright, honest and professional-clearly the BEST real estate agent we have ever worked with! We finally have our off the grid cabin in the woods and couldn't be happier. Bridgette also walked us through the "first time" home buying process and was extremely helpful, no matter what hour we called her. Best of all, Debbie is our new neighbor just a few miles away.

Thank you so much!!

Juan and Judy Silva

My Husband and I have been dreaming of owning property in the Santa Cruz Mountains for over 15 years. Our local Cupertino Courier runs a weekly advertisement for Donner Land, and we always looked over the listings longingly. We were finally serious about making our dream a reality, so we reached out to Debbie; and we are so glad we did. Debbie found us the perfect land; it fits our family and lifestyle. She helped us through the whole process, and rejoiced with us when it was done.

We cannot say Thank You enough.

The Schulkens

Debbie and the team at Donner Land and Homes are amazing. We had tried in the past to sell our 2 acre property in Aptos, and had zero results. When we decided to list it again, Debbie helped us with pricing, and did a wonderful job marketing it, and helping us understand and adapt to the market.

Our property was somewhat unusual, unimproved and located on a private road nearly surrounded by state park, which is perfect for the perfect buyer, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Debbie stuck with us and found a buyer who was perfect for the property, and for whom the property was perfect! Her team is also great. Bridgette was professional, efficient with paperwork, and managed the business end of the process flawlessly, especially with what ended up as a fairly complex sale. 

I can’t express enough how dedicated Debbie was. I love her upbeat homey approach to matching people with properties.

Scott and Susan

Dani Scott helped us to buy some land in the Santa Cruz mountains recently.  Dani showed she was a keen listener, and asked questions until she knew exactly what we were looking for.  This way, we didn't waste time going to places that we weren't interested in.  

Once we settled on a parcel, there were all kinds of unforeseen complications with the purchase.  In each case, Dani showed tenacity and creativity, and was quick to pull in the right resources to get things resolved.

Even though my purchase was rather small, and I know she had many other items going, Dani always made us feel like we were her most important customers.  Thank you, Dani!

Brett P.

Debbie Dear

This whole procedure was so much less painful and went so quickly that I can’t believe it’s over!  I am sure it was that Scottish fairy magic that you possess !

Thank you again



Debbie Donner was our listing agent recently on an unusual unimproved property in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She and her team did an excellent job of listing, showing, and then negotiating about the property. There were numerous documents that needed to be signed at various times. Her team were efficient and informative in explaining the documents and seeing that we signed them in a timely fashion. And perhaps most importantly we were pleased with the price that we received. In short we could not have been more pleased with the work of Donner Land and Homes in selling our property.

John and Gini

I just wanted to say how appreciative we are of Donner Team member Rachel Falk. My husband and I are currently in the home-hunting process and we have not been easy clients, yet Rachel has guided us unwaveringly, with patience, savvy, and humor, each step of the way. She has been a wonderful organizer and scheduler, always maximizing the use of our time and making herself available to show us a vast selection of properties, yet never making us feel hurried or pressured. Moreover, she has gone out of her way to research property-related issues for us, saving us tons of work. We think Rachel is Wonderwoman and are so glad she is part of your team. It is our privilege and pleasure to know her!

With sincere appreciation,
Gina du Bois and Mohsen Kamel

It is my opinion and experience that Debbie Donner and her associates are professional and provide personal service when it comes to selling and/or buying property. I feel she is of the utmost help in executing these services. I have dealt with this company over 3 years, with a couple of different properties I needed assistance in selling. They were attentive to not only business aspects of dealing with property transfers, but also, and more importantly, my personal needs and wishes. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and successful business, and I would refer this company to anyone who needed this kind of attention while trying to navigate the process of selling or buying property. 


Lesly Mallory

I wanted to take a moment to thank Donner Land and Homes for doing an excellent job in handling our home purchase. My wife made an intuitive decision to go with Rachel and we realized multiple times throughout the transaction just how good a decision it was. Rachel is an "old pro" when it comes to handling business and particularly people and she more than made up for being relatively new to real estate with her diligence in making sure everything went the right way (and we did have some bumpy moments) Part of this was consulting the more experienced brokers at your office and part was because she was interested and eager to learn about anything she was not already familiar with. She made sure to stay connected with what we were looking for at each stage of the process and maintained her composure, professionalism and positive attitude even in the more difficult parts of the negotiation. I would (and will) highly recommend Rachel and Donner Land and Homes to anyone who wants to buy a home in the Santa Cruz area.

Thanks again,

Paz Rheinstein

It has always been my dream to buy land and build a home for my children, MaryBeth and Debbie made that dream a reality. They made a potentially daunting and lengthy process extremely simple and quick. They thought of many aspects that hadn't occurred to me and their attention to detail made this work out for us better than I had expected. The frosting on the cake, however, was the personal touch. The warmth and care that they brought into this transaction has earned me more than the chance to realize my dream, it has earned me new friends as well.

Robbi Reynolds

MaryBeth operates with a level of tenacity and integrity that I rarely see in Realtors, and I would highly recommend her to represent any buyer or seller.

Armand "Pete" Petri

Over the years I have had the pleasure of doing excavation work with Debbie, Marvin, and Marybeth on many occasions. We've faced landslides, septic problems, washed out bridges, drainage issues, properties that had no access or useable driveway and more. I have always found them all to be cheerful, attentive, and there when ever I had questions. There was never a doubt that they would come through with what ever was needed to get the job done right for the customer. I have seen a hand full of properties with difficult to solve issues that other realtors had no idea how to deal with. Once Debbie took control on these everything was smoothly handled and the properties sold in very little time. She often seems to have that special needle in a haystack property that is a once in a lifetime find. If a difficult to find location and exotic serine landscape is just what your dreaming of, it seems to be at Debbie's doorstep more often than not. I have seen her work for many years in my area and know and live near over a dozen of her satisfied customers. I'm always very proud to work with her and she is the first one I recommend to anyone searching for their dream property in the bay area. If she's not the best, I don't know who is!

Chris Stille

I just wanted to write and thank you for your help selling the land on Doeg Road. The sale of this piece of property was complicated by a number of things: red tag on the property, estate sale, second loans. I also had never participated in a real estate sale, but you were so patient with me. You explained everything, and when roadblocks came up, you took a deep breath, then gladly helped me and the title company resolve them.

You are extremely professional, kind, straightforward and friendly. I really appreciate how you helped me through this sale, difficult both emotionally and logistically. I look forward to more transactions with you in the future!

Corey Jaseph

I really appreciate all of the hard work you put in towards our dream!

Tony Donnaruma

MaryBeth you are the best realtor we have ever worked with. Not only were you very informative on specific properties, but you also would quickly research any questions or clarifications we needed. Your familiarity with the Santa Cruz mountains is unparalleled. You are able to read your clients very well and use that talent to properly locate them into a property best suited for them. In our case, you were able to find a property that was perfect for us before anyone else had even heard of the listing. You were always available day or night, taking great pride in your job. We could never recommend a better real estate agent. 
For any potential client reading this, MaryBeth can find you and/or your family exactly what you desire. Lastly, not only is MaryBeth knowledgeable and professional but her smiling face and positive outlook make it a joy to work with her.

Thank you MaryBeth! We couldn't be happier! 
Chris and Robin Augustino

It's been a two year process to finally find my dream property and I could not have done it without you. You sold my condo in record time and made this property transaction go as smooth as possible it's been a pleasure working with you! You are always welcome to visit and I hope you do often.

Truly a heartfelt thanks to you, you're the best!

Craig Rosenberg

If anyone understands property in the Santa Cruz mountains, it is Debbie Donner and her husband Marvin. They have probably seen every home and every acre of land out there. Debbie is very responsive and very fun to work with. She knows her stuff and she gets things done. My parcel was very challenging in terms of steep slope and location, yet she had it sold for me in a reasonable timeframe and for a good price. I highly recommend her as a real estate agent in the Sam Lorenzo Valley area.

Suzanne Holmes

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the exemplary manner with which you represented us during our recent home purchase.As you know, this real estate transaction was a challenge from the start. Entering late in the game, with multiple offers already on the table, you seized control of the sale with utmost urgency, professionalism, and creativity.Throughout the ensuing escrow, there were many obstacles in our path.With each twist and turn along the way, you assumed the role of an optimistic and persevering partner and advocate, offering intuitive, empathic understanding, creative solutions, savvy advice, and efficient follow-through – always holding fast to our goals and dreams as though they were your own. Never once did you give up, let us down or compromise your professionalism in any way.When this house came on the market, we were offered a wonderful opportunity, and we seized it with all our heart and strength. But no matter how much we wanted it, we could never have made our dream come true without your help and expertise. Thank you ever so much for your outstanding service and significant contribution to our new life together.

It goes without saying that we will heartily recommend you to friends and neighbors in our community in the future.

Frank and Loretta Gunner IV

Thanks again for such an enjoyable buying experience. I am truly thankful for all the hard work you put into finding me the property of my dreams. I have been extremely pleased with the purchase and I can't wait until the day I can move out there completely. I've been doing a little work on the property each weekend and I enjoy it even more every time I visit!

Thanks again for all your help.

Brent Ramsby

Thank you so much for your capable assistance and attention in the purchase of my parcel. I'm delighted with the place, but also with the confidence you showed in taking me through the difficult steps of my first real estate purchase. The process was actually much easier and less painful than I expected. I really appreciate the special experience you bring to the process, your local knowledge and your personable approach to research, dealing with people and your care. You even brought lunch to our meeting one day! Thanks for that, and for all your wisdom and consideration during escrow. And thank you for following up with additional resources; as I move forward with construction, I'll appreciate that even more. Friends are asking me about other parcels that are available. I'll send them your way!


I wanted to drop you a note and again Thank You for all the help in finding me the house I bought in Boulder Creek. Very quickly you were able to figure out what my tastes were like, and because of this, every house you showed me was interesting. Your knowledge of the area was invaluable as you were able to show me areas that you knew I would like, and keep me away from areas you knew I would shy away from. It was a long process, but your experience helped immensely. Now that I am living here, your local expertise continues to be a great benefit since you have been able to help me get situated to my neighborhood! Working with you was very enjoyable and I have already suggested to two people that they contact you for their real estate needs.

Thank You very Much!

William R. Jones

I am very happy to state for the record that working with you in the sale of my client’s inherited property was an excellent experience.  You knew the area and the market, and provided many helpful suggestions.  You and your team were responsive to our inquiries and handled the entire process in a highly professional manner.  If I ever have another opportunity to buy or sell property in your area, I will happily choose you as our agent/broker.

Helen B. Baumann

Attorney at Law

We have two properties that have been for sale for over a year in Santa Cruz County. We saw very little activity and no offers until we brought in Debbie Donner of Donner Land & Homes, Inc. And then -- what a difference!

We have only been working with Debbie for about a month and have had four good offers, one of which we will now be accepting. Within a day of listing with her, she had viable prospects on the land. Our former realtor is very good -- we have worked with her before -- but Debbie is remarkably skilled in selling properties with acreage. In fact, when I told two different friends (who do not live in this area) that I was working with Donner Land, they both said, "You know her? I check out her website at least once a week." They were both people who wanted to purchase land in this area. Her company is known far and wide!

I own a growing business in our area and truly appreciate the entire team at Donner Land & Homes, Inc. for their professionalism. All of them have been remarkably supportive, enthusiastic, attentive to detail and readily available. I would be happy to discuss their services with you at any time. I can be reached at 831.345.6529.

We would never go anywhere else for a real estate professional when selling (or buying!) property with acreage in this area. You will be very happy with both the process and results if you choose Donner Land to represent you.

Barbara Sprenger


Thank you so much for the magnificent job that you and your team did to help me sell my property. I received professional, courteous service and also a fair and reasonable price for the property. I would not hesitate to call on you and your team to help with real estate matters in the future. Again, thank you so much for your help.

Ken Campbell

San Jose

Debbie and her team helped us sell my mother's rural property in the Santa Cruz mountains.  There were several problems that came to light as we worked through the process, and it took a lot of dedication and effort, but they worked patiently and tirelessly until everything was done, and the property was sold.  They were very professional and did a wonderful job.

Best regards,

We choose Debbie Donner because of her reputation of being the best and couldn’t be happier. Debbie and her team went above and beyond. We felt taken care of from start to finish. We would use them again and again and highly recommend Donner Land & Homes.

Alicia Hall

Dani is a true superstar. A very professional and intelligent real estate professional.  She really goes the extra mile for her clients. Her referral of Julia for mortgage and financing can get you the assistance to achieve your dreams. I recommend Dani for all your real estate needs, she is the best in the valley (SLV). You will not be disappointed.

Josh A.